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Customised cloud solutions for the modern workforce

With TSO 50 Cloud hosting from The Sabreone, all of your data and application can be available and protected from one location, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Every application you wish to incorporate can be involved, making your customised TSO 50 Cloud a container for everything you want. Customizable collaboration in real-time with co-workers, customers, and colleagues gives you complete independence and total management. Whether looking for the best possible brand visibility for your company, involvement for your customers and employees or to enhance your company’s group participation, a corporate partnership with the TSO 50 Cloud by The Sabreone can be designed to meet a range of your business needs.
We aim to ensure that your investment in the TSO is a significant resource. Your partnership will not only offer your company and customers with a variety of interesting and significant advantages but you will also be guaranteed a good chance for the TSO.

TSO Cloud50 Advantages

Here are the highlights of TSO 50 Cloud


Your data file program is not available or readable by any other customer; your data files are assured full protection and comfort.


With management or main access, you can adjust server settings data files, set up programs or change program application.


You are fully separated from other customers and activities on the server. No other client can slowly down or impact marketing.


Your sources may be assured based on your plan; nothing else on the server will change the efficiency of your cloud program.


Immediately enhance marketing strategy to give for more sources as you grow, easily move to a new more highly effective server.


Need to improve your plan? You can do so easily with our user-friendly control panel which allows you to update instantly.

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